Our designers
Scandinavian Designers' Vision
Scandinavian style stands for simple, elegant and non-obstructive designs. Therefore Danish artists and S. Weisz Uurwerken BV have
contributed to this exceptional collection, because of the understanding of the demands on the market and the Scandinavian routes.

The logo with the "double D" symbolises the unique world of design on every Danish Design watch.

The Designers of the Danish Design collection:
  • Anna Gotha

    Anna Gotha, Danish designer from Copenhagen, has graduated from the Danish Design School in Copenhagen and has a background in industrial, furniture and interior design.
    She is dedicated to design that inspires and enriches the user and strives to create and develop concepts that optimise the function and appearance of a product.

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  • Lars Pedersen

    Lars Pedersen graduated the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1994 and has designed a various range of products for different companies in Europe. He has won a lot of design prizes like the internationally renowned Red Dot Award and the Danish Index Award.

    With his new watch collection, Lars Pedersen has produced an astonishing piece of art.

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  • Martin Larsen

    Martin Larsen was born in 1970 in Denmark and has a background in industrial design and mechanical engineering. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in London, he continued to work with various designers there before relocating to Copenhagen where he runs his own design studio.

    Embracing his Scandinavian design roots, Martin Larsen is inspired by the potential of geometric forms. In his work he strives to explore the essence of materials and structures. With the range of watches for Danish Design Martin Larsen has designed simple yet sculptural timekeepers.

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  • Tirtsah

    Tirtsah (1985) initially started out studying graphic design. During the course of her studies she discovered a deep-rooted, almost instinctive interest in jewellery design. As soon as she finished her studies, Tirtsah began working on her own designs. Her ideas quickly materialized into a magnificent watch and a jewellery line.

    Tirtsah is inspired by the effortless beauty of simplicity. The result of her passion for purity is reflected in the creation of smoothly fluent and slickly tight designs.